Liquid Paraffin


175 Kgs net in new iron drum blue color .



White Oil ( liquid paraffin or mineral oil) is a mixture of refined saturated paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons. It is a transparent , colorless, tasteless and odorless liquid . Its chemical and physical properties does not change over time. Our white oil is avaible in pharmaceutical and food grade complying with USP/BP pharmacopoeia and FCC standard .


White oil is used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, lubricants for food and pharmacy machinery. Food grade is used to cover dried fruits and as antifoam in food industry .

Pharmacopoeia Property Color Pour Point°C Flash Point°C Kinematic Viscosity cSt@40°C Characteristic
—- SAYBOLT ASTM D-97 ASTM D-92 ASTM D-445 Grade/Method
Meet BP/USP +30 Max -6°C Min 200°C 16-24cst White Oil PLPL100
Meet BP/USP +30 Max -6°C Min 200°C 27-32cst White Oil PLPL150
Meet BP/USP +30 Max -6°C Min 200°C 66-70cst White Oil PLPL350
Meet BP/USP +30 Max -6°C Min 200°C 90-110cst White Oil PLPL500