Solvent 402

Low aromatic white spirit (Solvent 402) Shiraz Oil Refining Company

Low Aromatic White Spirit (Solvent 402) shiraz or White sprays are a mixture of paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons with a distillation range of 200 to 142 ° C. This solvent is clear liquids, and water-colored and have a mild odor, are chemically stable and not corrosive.

Low Aromatic White Spirit (Solvent 402) is based on kerosene produced in three grades:
  •  Solvent 402 A grade mainly usage is in the field of painting, draining, printing, and…
  • The 402-degree solvent mostly usage id in the industries of varnish and alcohol, cloth printing, home-made waxes and floor coverings, and so on.
  • A solvent equivalent of 402 grams of C mainly usage is in the production of lubricating solvent from the surface of metals and cleaning sprays and so on.

 Low Aromatic White Spirit (Solvent 402) Shiraz Oil Refining Company (SORC) are mainly used in rubber, plastic shoes, tire rubber solvent oil, solvent oil used in paints, coatings paint and washing solvents. organic phosphating system – metal pre-treatment before painting


Avoid contact with eyes. Irritant. The product may cause aches, burning sensations and irritation. In particular, isobutanol is classified as a product that may cause serious damage to the eye.





Solvent is a mixture of paraphinic and aromatic hydrocarbons with 142-200 Celsius degrees distillation range and boiling point of 105-205 Celsius degrees. 402 solvents are a part of these compounds.

These compounds are used as oil solvent, terpentine mineral rocks and paint thinner. These solvents are transparent water color liquids with a mild smell and chemical stability. They do not cause any corrosion. 402 solvent is used as extraction solvent, cleaning solvent, fat remover and Aerosol, paint colors and lac and polish’s solvent.

The most important usage of 402 solvent is in paint colors and lac and polish and is one of the main solvents in the color industry. It has other usages such as;

Color dryer solvent

Fabric printing solvent

Metallic surface’s fat remover solvent

Home supplies’ special wax solvent

Dry cleaning solvent

It is used in the diamond cutting machinery and this is the reason it is called diamond turning.