Fuel Oil

MAZUT CST 180-280-380 MAZUT M100

MazutMazut is a cut from the distilled crude oil. It is a liquid which is mainly used for furnaces, boilers and power producing engines. Mazut is a cut from the distilled crude oil with a flash point of 40 Celsius degrees. Mazut is consisted of long chain hydrocarbons like Alkane, Cycloalkane and Aromatics. This product is categorized under the heavy fuels. In fact, it is heavier than diesel fuel and naphtha. The chain length of different types of mazut depends on their applications and usages. For example, the diesel mazut is made by hydrocarbons with chains consisting 10-20 carbon atoms and as a result it can form itself in one of the chemical structures noted below:

C14H30 – C15H32 – C16H34 – C17H36 – C18H38 – C19H40 – C20H42